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GYU Shio Ramen

GYU Shio Ramen~Richness of Japanese beef~
  • 【One】Australian Lake Salt bringing taste of carefully selected material
  • 【Two】Original oil with great richness made by roasted japanese beef oil
  • 【Three】Accent with fresh local cresson
  • 【Four】For topping, crispy texture of chopped onion from Hokkaido

NONOMI’s “GYU Shio Ramen” won the first prize by Ramen contest 2012 in Highway(Sponsorship:Central Nippon Exis Company).
Thank you for selecting us!

創彩麺家 野の実スタッフ

"Thank you for selecting us!"

※ Please excuse us, that we can’t accept your request to change the soup style.
  We thank you for your understanding.