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Autumn special Mushroom Ramen

Autumn special Mushroom Ramen
  • Shiitake, Trumpet mushroom in the deep taste chicken soup with seafood flavor oil.
  • Great combination of rich pork and flavorful soup.
  • For the topping, the fresh taste and texture of white celery.
  • Please enjoy the taste of autumn.

※Only at Teracce Mall Shonan shop

Shoyu Ramen with grilled pork

Seasonal specialty Shoyu Ramen with grilled pork
  • Rich grilled pork in the deep soy sauce soup using backfat.
  • Become more flavorful by adding bonito powder.
  • For the topping, cabbage, stir-fried sprout and green onion with spicy taste.
  • Richness of grilled pork

※Only at EXPASA Ashigara up line shop