About Sano Minoru

August 1986, he opened a "Shinasobaya" in Shonan Kugenuma Coast.

For his strong passion towards ramen, he became famous as the "Demon of Ramen."

He has a philosophy that the harmony of “Soup”, “Noodles”, “Ingredients” is the most important point to make truly delicious ramen.He is also known as a pioneer of making ramen from carefully selected material and homemade noodles

Sano Minoru

Why our noodle is special?

Sano's original homemade noodle

We are using Sano’s original homemade noodle which is made from Japanese wheat. For this, the noodle will have rich smell, good taste and strong texture .

Ramen becomes soggy and soft, when you leave it in soup too much time.

To compensate for that point, we blend several types of flour, and adjust the rate of hydrolysis every day.

What's New!

Sano Minoru came back to Shonan!